Sustainable Agriculture — Going Green — Helping Farmers


1. Sustainable agriculture - Going green - Helping farmers
2. Support customers in growing business throughout Vietnam
3. Motivate employees to work as a team based on MPS corporate targets and goals


To acknowledge how global warming affects agriculture. To develop relationship and help customers understanding the safe use of MPS’s products. To protect the health of farmers as well as environment.

Core Values

1. Quality and Innovations on products for crop development
2. Customer service, technical support improvement
3. Corporate culture: teamwork developing, training, providing to enhance work environment

News & Promotions

Industrial plants

Industrial plants

Measures for management mosquito bugs damage cashews

Symptoms and effects of mosquito bugs: Mosquito bites suck nutrients… Read more

Management of quick dead disease in pepper plants

Symptoms and effects:  The disease is caused by the fungus… Read more

Management of dry branches and coffee berries

Causes, symptoms and effects: Caused by fungus Colletotrichum spp The… Read more

Management of nematodes on pepper

Symptoms and effects of nematodes on pepper  Nematodes cause swelling… Read more

Treating Mealybug On Coffee

The harmful effects of aphids should be detected early by… Read more

Phytophthora In Pepper Plants

Farmers should visit the garden regularly, detect early and treat… Read more

Food Crop

Food crops

Solutions for prevention of rice leaf-folder in rice

Harmful agents: Small leaf-folder scientifically known as Cnaphalocrosis medinalis, Guenee.… Read more

Rice leaf removal and prevention measures

Rice leaffolder (Cnaphaclocrocia medinalis) harms the crops by splitting out… Read more

Rice leaffolder management

A young leaffolder eats the leaf leaving only one epidermis… Read more

Solution for brown planthopper – sucking insect management

The brown plant hopper (BPH) is an sucking insect and… Read more

Panicle Rice Mite (PRM) Management

PRM develops and increases population rapidly in the field, especially… Read more

Fruit tree

Fruit tree

Prevention of mealybug on fruit plants

Mealybugs have a scientific name: Planococcus citri, they parasitize on… Read more

Citrus Mealybug Management

1. The Citrus mealybugs infestation Mealybugs are pests that attack… Read more

Map Su-Po_ A Solution for increasing Pomelo fruit formation

Map Su-Po provides the farmer with high quality and performance… Read more

Red Mite Management On Orange

1. Symtoms and threats of red mite: Red mites suck… Read more

Citrus Mealybugs Management

1. Harmful effects of mealybugs: Mealybugs suck the nutrients of… Read more

Map Hero 340WP – Solution for Brown spot disease on Dragon fruit

1. The infestation:  Brown spot disease caused by Neoscytalidium dimidiatum… Read more



Weed management in peanut field

There are many weed groups in the peanut field: grasses,… Read more

“Black Spots” disease management on Strawberry

Dalat strawberries are suitable for the wonderful climatic conditions of… Read more

Solution to increase the rate flowering and fruiting

During the growth and development of strawberry plants, flowering and… Read more

Peanut leaf spots management

1. Symptom and effect of peanut leaf spots:  The peanut… Read more

Beet armyworm on peanut crop

1. Symptom & effect of beet armyworm The 1st and… Read more

Powdery mildew on roses

Powdery mildew is a common disease in the rainy season… Read more

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