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[WARNING] Worried About The Map Permethrin 50EC (Public Health) Bought – Is It Genuine?

[WARNING] Worried About The Map Permethrin 50EC (Public Health) Bought – Is It Genuine?

For many years, Map Permethrin 50EC (Public Health) has been a brand of household and medical mosquito-killing product that has been trusted and widely used in the Vietnam market for the past 20 years. The production technology and copyright belong to the Map Pacific (Singapore) Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated as MPS). We have been contributing protecting the community from the risk of dengue fever.

Recently, MPS has received many reports of counterfeit Map Permethrin 50EC products discovered on the Vietnam market.

Counterfeit goods are NOT registered with the Ministry of Health, have not been evaluated for mosquito-killing effectiveness and safety, which not only cause harmful effects to the health of the community, pets and our living environment but also seriously violates the provisions of State law on goods circulation.

The following points to note about the genuine product Map Permethrin 50EC (Public Health) by MPS:

Packing: 1 liter brown plastic bottle, 100ml white plastic bottle.

Characteristics that distinguish genuine products

❶ The bottle neck has an embossed MPS logo.

❷ The bottom edge has the embossed words “POISON! DO NOT RE-USED”

❸ The bottle bottom has the word “MAP” embossed.

❹ MPS has never used aluminum bottles for all product lines. Therefore, aluminum bottle products that have MPS logo and the brand name Map Permethrin 50EC are completely counterfeit products.

🩵 Together, let’s build a community of wise and responsible buyers. DO NOT USE REAL MONEY TO BUY FAKE GOODS.


💬 Please contact MPS immediately if you suspect the product you purchased is counterfeit!

MPS’s official communication channels in Vietnam are as follows.

             MPS Fanpage: Facebook

            MPS Youtube channel: Map Pacific Singapore – YouTube

            Hotline CS: 0869.700.450

           Email CS:

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